Thursday, April 8, 2010

Post April 1st ... The Countdown To Making Your Final College Choice

Written by Educational Consultant, Lauren Kahn, M.A., CEO of Lone Star Ed Consulting  

It is now post April 1st and you still have not made your final decision on where to attend college next year. Perhaps, you got offered the wait list from your first choice school, but a great scholarship opportunity from your "safety" choice. Maybe, you have decided you would like to defer going to college for a year.  What to do?  No need to fret just yet. 

Please find below some helpful guidelines and blogs on how to make this life altering decision more palatable.  

You’re on the Waiting List. Now What?

tipsheet logo When some of the nation’s most selective colleges announced their decisions last week, thousands of applicants found themselves neither accepted nor rejected. Like passengers bumped from an overbooked flight — as one commenter on The Choice put it this weekend — they were instructed to sit tight in a crowded, virtual lounge, and wait to see if an opening presented itself over the next few weeks. Officials at Stanford and Yale, for example, told me they had each offered nearly a thousand applicants spots on the waiting list. At Duke, the figure was more than 3,000.Read more

Here is some admissions data from some of the most selective public and private colleges and universities. It will be updated automatically. (It is from The Choice Blog from the NY Times)


It can make a high school senior shout excitedly at the top of his lungs or maybe cry in disbelief and disappointment. It's the dreaded college decision letter with the power to change the course of a teenager's life. For Brett Ferdinand, an Advanced Placement and wrestling student at Cedar Park High School, applying to college has been nerve-wracking, especially since he forgot to send his standardized test scores to what should have been his “safe school.”

“Earlier this (March), I received my first and only college decision letter (at the time). It was from UT Austin, informing me that since my complete application had not been received by the deadline, I could not be admitted into the fall semester,” he wrote on his blog which is part of The New York Times' special college admissions and financial aid blog section “The Choice.” “As soon as I realized this omission, I had those scores sent, but it was too late.”  

Read more

Comments from Lauren Kahn, CEO of Lone Star Ed Consulting:

  • Do not wait until you receive a confirmation or a letter stating that a school is missing your transcript. Be pro-active and check your completion application status online no more than one week after submission of all items.

  • If you have been denied by all of your school choices or simply can not afford your only remaining college option, perhaps it is time to consider a GAP Year option or attending community college for a year.  Contact LSEC to discuss options and schedule an appointment. 512-294-6608.
  • Although you are certain you like the schools you were accepted to, it is now to weigh all of your choices in consideration of all of these factors:
academics, internship options/ career placement, student life, proximity to home, possible student debt that you and your parents will accumulate in four years, alumni connections, weather, and parent's input.

The information was provided by educational consultant, Lauren Kahn, CEO of Lone Star Ed Consulting. If you would like more information about Lone Star Ed Consulting's college planning services, please e-mail Lauren Kahn or call her at 512-294-6608. You can also view LSEDC's brochure here or purchase LSEDC's services on the blogsite on the right hand side.

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