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University of Texas (Austin): iPhone Applications and Admission Deadlines

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High School Seniors: If you are planning on applying to University of Texas - Austin for the Fall 2010 class, you have 1 month left to get your transcript, resume, essays (2), optional recommendation letters, high school profile, test scores, and your overall application into the admissions office. DECEMBER 15, 2009 DEADLINE

Starting with 2009 applicants,* The University of Texas at Austin implemented some changes to its summer/fall deadlines for freshman admission. Here are the expected deadline shifts for the next couple of years:

Applicants to Summer/Fall 2010
» December 15, 2009
Applicants to Summer/Fall 2011
» December 1, 2010

* The summer/fall 2009 application deadline was January 15, 2009.
The deadline changes are planned to allow the Office of Admissions to make admission decisions earlier in the spring of an applicant’s senior year. The February 1 deadline, which had been in place for years, often meant that applicants had to wait for their admission decisions until late March or even April 1. Earlier decisions will mean that students are able to begin their post-admission, enrollment planning earlier.

Remember also that UT does not combine test score sittings. They look at your overall BEST test session for the ACT or SAT. They do not require SAT II scores. You can look at the college board site to see which other schools on your list look at the overall best test date and do not combine test score sittings.

You can view score-use practices by college/university by visiting College Board's College Search website. Select an institute of interest, and then go to the SAT®, AP®, CLEP® icon (under each institution) for score-use practice information.

Additionally, you can download the SAT Score-Use Practices List (.pdf/1.8MB), which provides an alphabetical listing of score-use practices of colleges and scholarship programs which have submitted score-use practices as of July 2009.

5 Virtually FREE iPhone Applications for College Students at the University of  Texas - Austin

If you are fortunate enough to secure a spot at the University of Texas - Austin, here are some iPhone applications that will make your life easier and more fun as you adapt to college life.

#1 HookEm (FREE)
University of Texas fans will get the latest information, news, and scores on football, men’s and women’s basketball, and baseball with this app. It also includes chants such as, "Play Texas Fight", "The Eyes of Texas", and "The Yellow Rose of Texas".

#2 University of Texas Directory  ($.99)
The Texas Directory application provides a seamless way to find your friends and contacts at the University of Texas at Austin. With this application, you can search for any student or faculty member at UT by name, phone number, office location or email.

#3 University of Texas Blackboard (FREE)

This app offers students, faculty, and campus personnel a variety of features including the ability to use an interactive campus map, browse the university’s catalog, and watch campus related content on YouTube and iTunes.

#4 Austin Traffic ($4.99)
Want to find out what the commute will be like for school? The traffic app for Austin gives you real time traffic reporting in the Austin, TX area. Use this app to help decide if you want to blow off class for the day or hang out a little longer at happy hour before returning back to your apartment. If you are stuck in an unexpected traffic jam, it's easy to launch and quickly see if there is an accident or traffic jam ahead.

#5 CraigsPro: Craigslist (Austin) (FREE)  
Use this app to search for jobs in Austin, post or search the classifieds, browse concerts and events,  or get used furniture for your new apartment or dorm room. You can bookmark your favorite searches, email listing to friends and call numbers directly from listings. You can view pictures enlarged to get a better idea of what you are actually negotiating for.

AUTHOR INFO: Suggestions by April Lentini from San Antonio Apartment Guide and Lauren Kahn of Lone Star Ed Consulting.

Information and Links provided below from "College Times"
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It is not too late to jump start your college planning process. The information was provided by Lauren Kahn, CEO of Lone Star Ed Consulting. If you would like more information about Lone Star Ed Consulting's college planning services, please e-mail Lauren Kahn or call her at 512-294-6608. You can also view LSEDC's brochure here.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Over 50K College Cost Club (Per Year) ... Who's in it?

What do Georgetown, George Washington, and Johns Hopkins have in common? They all cost over $50K per year to attend and they all made it onto the list of the top ten most expensive colleges in America, according to numbers recently compiled by The Chronicle of Higher Education. Two of the three, Georgetown and GW, are perennial favorites having been among the top 20 most expensive colleges since at least 2003.

For the second year in a row, Sarah Lawrence College in New York has the dubious honor of being the most expensive college in the nation with tuition, fees, room and board totaling $55,788. Georgetown ($52,161) comes in at number three, with GW ($51,775) and Johns Hopkins ($51,690) holding the number five and six spots. St. John’s College in Annapolis joined other local $50K Club members at number 42 with costs totaling $50,352 per year.

It’s no secret that the cost of post-secondary education has gone up faster than the prices of other goods and services. Last year, only five private nonprofit colleges and universities in the country could boast of membership in the $50K Club. This year, the list has grown to 58. And the trend shows no signs of slowing down, despite press releases from the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (NAICU) announcing that tuition at private colleges rose only 4.3 percent—the smallest increase in 37 years. In fact, it appears that the market can bear much more as many of the nation’s most expensive institutions have seen no drop in demand.

Although generous aid packages mean that most students don't pay sticker price, it’s fair to say college is rapidly becoming a luxury outside the means of middle class families. While aggressive building campaigns and upgrades in other campus amenities may account for a huge hunk of the need for higher revenue, it’s also true that increased need for financial aid among students figures into the equation. It’s a vicious cycle that depends heavily on some students paying full freight while colleges continue to gamble that the economy will improve enough for them to stop dipping into endowments some time before the bottom falls out.

America's Top Ten Most Expensive Colleges and Universities
Sarah Lawrence College, NY
Landmark College, VT
Georgetown University, DC
New York University
George Washington University, DC
Johns Hopkins University, MD
Columbia University, NY
Wesleyan University, CT
Trinity College, CT
Washington University, MO

The above information was written by: Nancy Greisemer of College Explorations.

My alma mater, Emory University, also is part of the elite over 50K first year college costs. The 2009 -2010 estimated costs for tuition, room and board, student fees, books, and travel amount to 51K. Although, only 1/3 of students pay the sticker price. Financial Aid and scholarships are key to making these colleges listed affordable.  (Lone Star Ed Consulting, Lauren Kahn, M.A.)

To check the cost of your potential dream college, visit The Chronicle's tuition and cost database. The figures represent charges to first-time, full-time undergraduates based, typically, on a nine-month academic year of 30 semester hours or 45 quarter-hours. An asterisk (*) indicates that an institution provided projected figures for 2009-10. The designation “n/a” indicates that figures were not available.

The data does not reflect the cost of attendance at an institution after grants and other student aid are considered. This net cost is often lower than the published fees shown.

Tip of the Week: (Belated Free Advice Friday) Deadlines still matter: Need-based financial aid is an annual process. Students have to fill out a Renewal Free Application for Federal Student Aid each year, and, if their college uses it, a CSS -Profile form. "Over the years, I've noticed the rising sophomore is the student who tends to be late filing," Mr. Gelinas said. After all, students are only on campus for a few months before they have to apply for aid again. It does not stop after freshman year. Also, know what GPA you need to maintain in order to keep your scholarship.

It is not too late to jump start your college planning process. The information was provided by Lauren Kahn, CEO of Lone Star Ed Consulting. If you would like more information about Lone Star Ed Consulting's college planning services, please e-mail Lauren Kahn or call her at 512-294-6608. You can also view LSEDC's brochure here.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"College Week Live" (November 4-7) Ask the College Experts

College Week Live is coming to you. College Week Live is a virtual college fair that features representatives from over 300 colleges and educational consultants.  College Week Live launched in 2007 and has held more than six successful virtual college fairs. During the dates of November 4 – 7, this Wednesday - Saturday, College Week Live will connect students from across the country and the world to the college search and application process without leaving their home, office, or school. I will be a featured guest representative for IECA on November 5th from 5:30PM - 6:30PM (EST) and November 6th from 1 - 2PM (EST). Please register at and log on this week to explore this college educational tool. Among the highlights: the opportunity to speak to representatives of over 300 colleges, the chance to hear keynote presentations via Webcast (including Ted Fiske of Fiske Guide and representatives from the Department of Education, among many others), and the chance to video chat live with college students.
One of the most popular features last spring was the “Counselor-on-Call” chat area where students and parents by the hundreds were able to pose questions to professional counselors. IECA Members will be staffing the counselor-on-call area, and are doing so as volunteers, like myself.  We expect to answer questions ranging from testing, to volunteer service, to financial aid, and much, much more.(Independent Educational Consultants Association).

Texas Universities participating in College Week Live: Texas Tech, University of Houston, Schreiner College, Sam Houston State, and University of North Texas.

There are promotional prizes that you can win for registering and participating in "College Week Live." Juniors and seniors, tell your English teachers about the virtual college fair. Maybe, they will even allot class time for you to visit the virtual fair.

Upcoming CollegeWeekLive Promotions

College Scholarship: $2,500 CollegeWeekLive Scholarship Contest
Looking for a college scholarship? CollegeWeekLive is proud to help our audience pay for college with the return of our scholarship contest! One student will win a $2,500 college scholarship, good at any accredited institution! To enter the contest:

1.Register for CollegeWeekLive
2.Login/ attend CollegeWeekLive during a live event during the Fall 2009 semester

A lucky attendee will be chosen to receive the $2,500 scholarship. Please see contest details on the Scholarships page. Good luck to all who enter!
For more details on this wonderful event, visit College Week Live.

It is not too late to jump start your college planning process. The information provided was written by Lauren Kahn, CEO of Lone Star Ed Consulting. If you would like more information about Lone Star Ed Consulting's college planning services, please e-mail Lauren Kahn or call her at 512-294-6608. You can also view LSEDC's brochure here.

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